1. When should I book my cake?

A minimum of a week but this is also subject to availability. The sooner you book in the better to avoid disappointments.

Wedding cakes need a minimum of 3 weeks in advance and not before 3 months prior to the wedding.

2. How much do cakes cost?

Please see our pricing structure and send us an email of the following:

Cake pic or idea if you have one.

Flavour of cake, see our flavours page.

Size of cake, budget & any other requirements you have, this will help speed up the order process.

3. Is there a deposit required to secure my cakes?

Wedding and custom orders require a 50 percent deposit 3 weeks prior to the event and the balance one week before the event. We do accept payment of the balance on collection of cake, however this has to be discussed with us and cakes will not leave the premises until its paid for in full.

4. Do you provide cake tastings?

Yes we do provide cake tastings on request, however we charge a fee of R150 per cake per flavour. What you will get is a small 10 cm cake unganached and undecorated mini cake but in the flavour one requires.

5. How do I book a consultation?

Consults are strictly by appointment and we only consult with brides and female friends, sisters, mother, etc, up to 3 people per consult for one hour in length.

Weekday times are 9:30-11:30 and Saturdays between 10:30 and 12:30 only.

6. Do I really need to come in for a consult or can I organize my cake via whatsapp, email and phone calls?

We have brides from all over the world and country so we do consults via email and whatsapp. I work closely with brides on the details of the cake, checking colours and other details to make sure we have it spot on and avoid any disappointments.

7. I really would like to meet with you and what should I bring along?

Bring along ideas, colour swatches and any other details regarding your cake.

Colour swatches, ribbons or invites that you can leave with me to help get the colour perfect.

8. Do you deliver cakes?

NO, unfortunately we do not deliver cakes.

9. How do I safely transport my cake?

We suggest that you organise with a responsible friend or family member who has a car like a hatchback, or SUV. Please provide a non slip mat and especially during the hot summer months, the car needs to be airconditioned.

It’s really important to bring along a passenger to keep an eye on the cake,¬† however our cakes are well secured and have travelled to Ladysmith and Port Shepstone safely.

10. I have a picture by another cake decorator, will you recreate it?

Yes I can however I prefer tweaking the cake a bit to add my own spin, and provide the cake decorator’s name so we can credit them when posting on social media. Also, I will not recreate original cake ideas from local Durban based cake decorators unless¬†permission is granted by the cake decorator. We can use the inspiration of the cake and come up with a unique design.

11. Do I need to check up if all is in order with cakes and canvas regarding my order in the weeks prior to my cake being made?

Yes, we do want you to send a friendly reminder the Monday before the cake is to be collected. You may either whatsapp or email us and discuss collection times, provide contact details of person fetching the cake, and just to see if all is on track.

This is also a good time to make any changes to one’s order as beyond this time period it will not be possible to change any details.

12. We have booked our cake and paid in full or a deposit and due to unforeseen circumstances we need to cancel.

We do not do refunds, however we will give you a voucher to redeem at another date. We will take a R500 fee off this amount due to losses incurred on our part.

13. Do you give sugarcraft lessons?

Yes we do, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our updates on the next available lesson. Private lessons are an option as well.

14. Do you make figurines and animate objects?

Strictly no as it goes against our beliefs. We can refer you to people who do them but we will not be involved in the process.

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for our cakes once they have left our venue. If any damages happens to a cake in transportation we cannot promise that we will help resolve the issue.

Please be as specific about details regarding the cake to avoid disappointment. Last minute changes to the cake prior to a week will not be accepted.

Cakes will not leave the premises until paid in full.

All cakes need to be finalised and approved via email or whatsapp, phone requests will not be accepted.