Her passion for art, painting and creating beautiful objects whirled Zahirah Motala Sardar into the world of oozy ganache melty meringues and decadent mud cakes.

In 2005, when Zahirah’s first son was born, she was looking for a way to express herself without using her favorite medium oils on canvas. She clicked on flickr and suddenly was whisked down a rabbit hole into a world of cakes and cupcakes. Flickr was an online picture sharing site in which cake decorators formed groups to showcase their delightful dainties and inspire each other. Zahirah or Zalita as she was fondly known as was the only South African amateur cake decorator. She decided to make cute cupcakes and shared them with her newly formed online friends. Soon she inspired a small community of local and overseas friends and thus found an amazing outlet to express her creativity. Kylie Lambert, an Austrailian trendsetter in cupcake décor was most inspiring. Her ingenuity and fine detailing encouraged Zahirah to continue her new found passion. With further encouragement from friends and family Zahirah started Cupcake d’lights.

Almost daily Zahirah blogged her stunning creations and was subsequently featured in magazines and newspapers and was a familiar feature in the online blogging communities. Being an aspirant photographer she was fortunate to have card and candle companies in Europe buy the rights to her cupcake photographs. Her cupcake business was an instant success as South Africans were now following the on trend cupcake experience.

Today Zahirah specializes in a variety of wedding cakes, teaching students from around the globe and keeping her loyal clients happy. Zahirah’s unique styles have been reproduced around the world with her signature rose and pearl, stenciled cupcakes adorning many  pinterest boards.

2017 brought with it some dramatic changes in the field of cake décor and Zahirah hopes to start a whole new era of painting on cakes and introducing new styles and designs.